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me and my nettles

My great grandmother always used nettles in her diet.. especially for delicious nettle champ.She lived to an amazing 103 years old! 

Whilst embracing country life living I started growing my own vegetables but when the prickly plant kept interfering I often thought of her and bygone stories told by my mum.

I started to do my own research and was completely blown away by this wonderful weed and it's array of nutritional benefits.

Needless to say my obsession began with this amazing health boosting herb and the growing of my own nettles!

Whilst I'm not advocating that my tea etc will help you live into your hundreds or that my hair tonic will give you 80's rock star locks but the power of nettles may help those seeking a more natural approach for better health.

If you would like a bit more nettle magic in your life come join me on my nettlefest tours.

 You can also find my shop below

What is champ?
creamed potatoes with
my Great Granny Roundtree

Nettle shop 

my products are seasonal ...when they're gone they're gone

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