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My Story.......... 
My great grandmother always used nettles in her diet.. She lived to a ripe old age of 103 and whilst I am not advocating that nettles will help you live longer I certainly believe in its powerful potential to treat a minefield of ailments for better health .
Since moving to the countryside I have embraced the simple life in Aghalee and whilst growing my own vegetables the pesky stinging plant wouldn't stop interfering as if to say-
 " Use me! I'm much better than all these lot!" 
At the same time, whilst embracing my 40's and looking for more natural cures for better health, I discovered too how nettles may help with hormonal changes etc
  I also didn't want to go down the HRT route and thus began My obsession with this amazing health boosting herb..
Guests will find a little box of nettle tea in your room to enjoy.
 So instead of ripping it out, I surrendered and gave this wonderful weed the freedom & speech it so deserved.
 "Move over Mr Pharmaceutical Co.... I'm here now! "
 My little green friend wasn't far wrong....
Nettle is highly recommended for its nutritional & medicinal values and I would encourage anyone at any age to read about its array of surprising benefits that can hardly be fitted into one page!
As with any herbal or medical treatment it doesn't always agree with everyone so just be sure to check with your doctor since nettles can interfere with certain pharmaceuticals.. Pregnant women & nursing mothers should also take doctors advice before trying out nettle tea. As with children too you should consult a pediatrician before adding it to their diet.

My Hair & Scalp Tonic 
To my shock and horror I noticed that my hair was becoming thinner so it made total sense to give my lack lustre locks some nettle love.. Packed with so many nutrients and minerals, using nettles for combating hair loss and help in re-growth. is one of the oldest hair treatments.. I can honestly say that in the last 2 years I have not  used a conditioner, my hair feels no thinner but a much more .healthy happy head.
 My tonic has added rosemary oil which may help in stimulating hair follicles,  raw apple cider vinegar. to remove product build up, leaving  a soft  smooth shine..
 I had hoped (and believe me I tried) to make an all natural product but being bound by regulations I have had to add a preservative. The one that I use is approved by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association of Northern Ireland and my ingredients have been fully assessed,certified and in compliance. On the plus side the preservative has anti-fungal properties which can help with skin irritations and inflammation and is widely used in many cosmetics and food products...
 Doggies may also benefit from nettles.. Miss
Mollie, who we rescued, was in need of much love and care as her coat had been neglected. I began to secretly mix dried nettle  into her food for extra nutrition. and bathe her with my nettle tonic .
.Please check with your local vet before giving nettle to your furry friend

 If you would like a little more greenery in your life and would like to   purchase please do so above.
 If you have any questions please email me :-

Noreen's Nettle Tea 50g (loose) - £3.50 + P+P (sorry out of stock at present ).
Noreen's Nettle Hair & Scalp Tonic 50ml - £3.50 each + Uk P+P £2.85 (restricted to 2 bottles per packaging). 
( Whilst sutle highlights are ok I do not recommend using on block bleached hair or heavily highlighted ).
 If you live in near us in Northern Ireland and would like to purchase, please feel free to call. and collect.



                      Noreen's Nettle Products are not intended to
                        diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.                 
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